Animals and video games

2048, every animals have disappeared from the face of the earth.... The knowledge of the elders has been forgotten by humanity.... You have therefore been chosen among the best to join an immersive virtual reality experience that could help recreate life! Based on a hundred video games, this simulation invites you to rediscover a lost paradise. Only you, alone, will be able to organize, prioritize these informations....

After Jazz and video games: an impossible marriage ?, Antoine Herren and Yacine Synapsas are back for a new playful conference! In Animals and Video Games, the audience follows its own path, actively participating in the conference while evolving in a mystical universe.

This playful conference analyses works that propose non-humanized animals as avatars or side-kicks. Exploring, combining and superimposing these empathic video games, Animals and Video Games associates them with a symbolic, cultural and artistic history, questioning the way we view other animal species. Animals and Video Games transport players in an esoteric adventure.... With a twist!

This playful conference is only available in french... for now!